Inheritance law

We advise you on the drafting of wills, contracts of inheritance as well as on the conclusion of living wills and precautionary powers of attorney, so that even in emergencies, sudden illness or advanced age you can be sure that conflicts are avoided as far as possible and the will of the testator is actually implemented. In negotiations and legal disputes, we will represent you with commitment and competence.

Our strengths

  • Drawing up wills and contracts of inheritance, with special reference to inheritance tax
  • Inter vivos transfers
  • Inter vivos gifts to heirs
  • Business succession
  • Advising heirs, beneficiaries of statutory minimum shares and legatees
  • Distribution of the estate
  • Statements of patients‘ wishes
  • Enduring powers of attorney

Advice and representation

  • Representation in all disputes in court which fall under the civil law, for example in proceedings for the severance of a joint inheritance or in enforcing rights to statutory minimum shares.
  • Out-of-court representation in negotiations, for example on for the severance of a joint inheritance or in enforcing rights to statutory minimum shares.
  • We also advise you in all other probate matters, for example in the drafting and construction of wills or contracts of inheritance.
  • We help to ensure that businesses continue to operate in cases of succession. Here we check that the testamentary dispositions correspond with the contractual situation under company law and with any pre- or post-nuptial arrangements.
  • In addition to classic inheritance issues, making preparation for emergency situations is important for many: What happens if one can no longer make certain decisions for oneself? Given the advance in medical techniques, many are asking themselves if the application of procedures to prolong life is necessarily always desirable: In a statement of patients’ wishes anyone can make their own wishes known so that relatives and doctors act as they would have wished and requested in this emergency situation.
  • There are also situations to be considered involving an enduring power of attorney for example to deal with banking matters or concluding contracts. An enduring power of attorney can be very useful in cases of emergency, sudden sickness or old age. It gives someone you trust the power to act as your representative. The intervention of an unknown, court-appointed third party can be prevented or limited. If you think ahead, then in case of need you will have someone you know and trust at your side.

Outside our practice

  • We regularly publish articles
  • We seek to influence the legislature in cooperation with various commissions, working groups and networks
  • We keep abreast of developments by participation in regular professional development courses and are part of a nationwide network of employment lawyers


  • The partnership is very well respected by the Courts. Our high level of experience in advising and representing the professional classes is of use to us in the self-governing bodies of the German Bar.
  • Our law firm was named "Top Law Firm in Inheritance Law" by Capital magazine in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023.
  • Dr. Marcus Mollnau was included in the “Focus” list of “Germany’s top inheritance lawyers” for Berlin since 2017 (2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017).

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